Welcome to
Islwyn Ramblers
rambling around the Ebbw and Sirhowy valleys.....

Welcome to Islwyn Ramblers
rambling around the Ebbw and Sirhowy valleys.....

.... will appear here when we have some


So Summer's over, the kids are back at school and traffic is backed up to Junction 28.
You cut the grass for the last time this year, clean and oil up the mower, just as the blade snaps off.
Why not take a late Summer break with the late Summer airline strike and the late Summer volcano ash cloud?
Alternatively, treat yourself to an Easter Egg, the shops are full of them!


Oh dear - is that a frost I feel? - Certainly a little cool in the evenings, where are my woollies?
Don't be silly, they closed last year - or was that T. J. Hughes?. Still, Primark are going strong.....
with a fabulous rail full of light cotton shirts, very short shorts and skimpy swimwear
I WANT A WOOLLIE!! Oh, Baaa, wrong time of year, Sir.


Bang, flash, boom, crump - welcome to Bonfire night or a weekend in tripoli.
Clearing up the debris of the assault you find a mis-shapen lump of rusty metal - PANIC!
The police and bomb squad leave you surveying the remains of an elderly barbecue, complete with dead burger
But it is November and the first Christmas parties have started - time to stock up on hangover cures.


Look, I know it's only the 3rd but I'm partied out, shattered, exhausted and I'm only a young lad!
traipse round all the Poundshops but can't find anything classy enough for 'er indoors - I know, the charity shops!
Excellent, a very lightly used (cherished) set of kitchen implements - didn't hurt at all.
Ahh, Christmas Dinner - now where did I put that perfect set of serving utensils?

Just right for a Ramble then - get your boots on. You know you want to, don't you......

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The 'Ramblers Boots' painting is © David Williams - To see more of David's paintings go to the links page.