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March 2019 - 'Blog Done' around Blagdon

Quite a nice walk today but the whole valley was flooded !! What's that ? It's a reservoir ? I thought it was rather wet. The highlight was chatting to the piggies, intelligent conversation at last ! They sure talk my language....

Looks like it's wet ahead

Angling after his photo

told you it was wet !

Get your wellies on !

Rising damp but no Rigsby in sight

Awkward? Moi?

Just a view to look at

Just another view to look at

A better class of Rambler....

....but he's telling porkies !!

Blagdon Church from one side

and Blagdon Church from the other side

Tales of the riverbank - but I've promised not to tell...

June 2018 - Along the banks of the River Monnow

Promising Property on offer

and off we set - Me and four ladies....

.... and a dog, a hot dog!

now that's what I call a 'Des Res'

It's the annual Service today (of all days)

A river flows through it

Pretty Maids all in a row

We stumble on a tree hugger's convention

No way past Skenfrith Castle

Trains and Boats but no Planes

June 2018 - Another successful 'Turners Tour' of North Wales

Time for a hot dog

Hang on - Jack Sparrow's captaining that boat

Llandudno has no peer and a pier ...

and not one bus passed us all day

This must be Cows Week at Porthmadog

Oh dear - they look like proper walkers to me

I blame the passengers, not the railway

...or just chase some sheep along the line

Aren't we a long way from the lake District?

A little local walk

May 2018 - around the Sirhowy Valley Country Park, not too far to go but very pleasant all the same

Out and about around Risca

Out and about around Risca

Out and about around Risca

Out and about around Risca