Islwyn Ramblers - Our History

Islwyn Ramblers were formed in 1998 by a small group of Ramblers based in Risca.
They enjoyed exploring their local area and they enjoyed good company.
The logical thing was to team up and ramble together.
So being members of The Ramblers' Association, that's what they did - and called themselves Islwyn Ramblers.
Now its grown from just a few to just a horde, between 70 and 80 at full count
- with anything from 15 to 30 ramblers enjoying the countryside each week.

General Info

For the sake of our members and our environment Islwyn Ramblers are a NO SMOKING group.
Unless otherwise indicated dogs are welcome but must be well behaved and under full control AT ALL TIMES.
Strong boots or shoes should always be worn and bring waterproof clothing.
Bring food and drink especially if on a longer walk.
People participating in the group's activities do so at their own risk.
Whilst leaders will take every care for the safety of walkers, the group can accept no liability for injury.
Please satisfy yourself that you are fit, and properly equipped for the walks you choose to join.
The walk leaders reserve the right to cancel or alter the walk without prior notice.
Walk leaders will appoint a back marker to close and secure gates.
Group meetings are held at Risca Rugby Club and at other local venues at regular intervals.
There is no charge for joining us on our walks. However, after 3 walks visitors would be expected to join The Ramblers' Association, the charity working for the walkers.

Car Sharing

Car sharing is encouraged and a band code for the round trip is used to allow walkers to make a fair voluntary contribution towards travel costs. The band is shown against each walk.
Band A - (1 - 20 miles) £3.00
Band B - (21 - 40 miles) £4.00
Band C - (41 - 60 miles) £5.00
Band D - (61 - 80 miles) £6.00
Band E - (81 - 100 miles) £7.00
and so on as and when we travel to the furthest reaches of South Wales and beyond

Is the walk for you?

Easy - Short easy-going with slight hills. (Ideal for webmasters with hangovers)
Leisurely - Fairly easy going, some climbs and descents but with time to stop and look around (perfect for webmasters)
Moderate - One or two steeper uphill climbs and descents that will be taken at a steady pace. (webmasters act as backmarker due to short legs)
Energetic - Brisk pace of walking and some steeper uphill climbs (Webmasters must be carried...)
Strenuous - Steep climbs and / or long walks that require a good level of fitness and stamina. Not suitable for leisure walkers (or webmasters)

Get in Touch

To get in touch, just drop us an e-mail to :-

Group Officers

Chairman - Clive Turner
Secretary - Phil Purnell
Membership Secretary - Judith Elliott
Treasurer - Mike Showler
Webmaster - Karen Ford
Walks Programme Co-ordinator - Karen Ford
ROW Officer - June Piper

Data Protection

Islwyn Ramblers store personal contact information by consent only.
You have the right to opt out of receiving emails from the Society,
to know what personal data we hold and to have that data deleted if you so wish.
If you do not wish to receive emails from us, please notify us immediately.

Welcome to The Dungeon

This is where old web-pages go for their well-earned retirement
If you are desperate to know where we went and what we did in years gone by - then welcome to the dungeon.
If we've done it - it should be here, somewhere. Your only challenge is to find it.....

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2019 - Where we went in the Summer...
2019 - Where we went in the Autumn...

2018 - Where we went in the Spring...
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2018 - Where we've been so far...

2017 - Where we went, what we did, Why we can never go back again!

The 2015 and 2016 Talk of the Walks

2016? It's behind you! Oh, yes it is!

2015? No, remind me, I've forgotten that year completely!

The 2014 Talk of the Walks

2014? Ho Hum, another year gone by? Where do they go?

2013? Didn't it rain that year - all year???

2012? Isn't that the year we should have turned left, not right?

2011? Didn't we go to, um, erm, wossitcalled?....

2010? Vague memories but they're fading in the haze

2009? No, don't remember it at all